Originally formed in 2010, The Imagineers experienced a quick rise to success with sold out gigs across the UK and slots at festivals such as T in the Park and Wickerman. In 2011 the band released their first EP “See As I Say” and were selected by Craig Ferguson to perform on seven episodes of his CBS Late Late Show… Following the release of the second EP titled “Karma Soundcheck Pt. 1” in 2012, the original members parted ways in the spring of 2013.


After the disbandment, Stevie decided to take his guitar and embark on a journey across Europe. Performing with local musicians in rural parts of France, Spain and Italy inspiration struck; upon his return to Scotland he went into the studio.

Teaming up with producer Tommy Phillips, and some of Glasgow’s finest talents, a few songs turned into an album and The Imagineers were reborn. With the new members added to the ranks, the band’s sound has evolved and matured with the end product being a sonic masterpiece. Each listener is taken on a journey through a soundscape predominantly shaped by sophisticated pop melodies, a mosaic of diverse stories and cinematic surf guitars. These classic elements of The Imagineers sound are complemented by the subtle addition of rich layers of strings, brass and keyboards.


The Imagineers debut album “Utopian Dreams” is out now!

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